September 07 2023

Kering Eyewear hosts its Sustainability Day in Padua to reaffirm the company’s commitment towards a better tomorrow

Kering Eyewear hosted its Sustainability Day in Padua, inviting the Italian key supply chain partners to an in-depth conversation around the three pillars shaping Kering’s Sustainability strategy aiming at Crafting Tomorrow’s Luxury: Care (for the planet), Collaborate (for people) and Create (for sustainable innovation).


Held on Tuesday, September 5, the event involved major players that have contributed to build Kering Eyewear’s successful business model and swift growth since its creation in 2014. The program included a workshop with sustainability and innovation business advisor Anna Zandanel, who shared insights on the circular economy in the eyewear industry with the 40 attendees, and a cultural visit to the Geography Museum of the University of Padua featuring, among its spaces, specific highlights on climate change and its impact on the geography of the planet.

Marie-Claire Daveu, the Group’s Chief Sustainability and Institutional Affairs Officer, joined the conversation to underpin the messages related to the group's sustainability strategy and the importance of everyone’s support to the cause.


Besides strengthening its network synergies and relations, continuing to raise awareness on responsibility through active involvement, this full-day summit marked an important occasion to review the sustainability goals achieved so far and the ones to accomplish in the near future, according to Kering’s Sustainability Strategy.


Ever since the release of the Group’s Environmental Profit & Loss (EP&L) Report, followed by the 2017-2025 roadmap, Kering Eyewear has constantly worked to improve its organization focusing on reducing consumption, empowering people and fostering innovation through effective solutions and resolutions at every level of its supply chain. From now on, all past, present and future sustainability initiatives developed by the company will be grouped under the platform Kering Eyewear for a Better Tomorrow, reaffirming its determination to deliver highly qualitative products with proven responsibility, durability and environmental credentials.


While progressing towards the targets set for 2025, new priorities and new challenges are already appearing on the horizon. Kering, in fact, announced its commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2035 on a 2021 baseline, covering all the scopes of the greenhouse gas protocol.


Beside crafting luxurious designs that are fully attuned to the codes and DNA of every brand in its portfolio, Kering Eyewear has fully adhered to this Group’s ambitious sustainability vision through an integrated and multidimensional approach in which the three pillars of Kering’s sustainability strategy- Care, Collaborate and Create - are closely interconnected.


At Kering Eyewear, every successful alliance must be founded not only on outstanding skills and expertise, but also on mutual trust and the strict observance of the best practices concerning issues such as transparency, social compliance, environmental protection, animal welfare and chemical use.

For this reason, to guide its partners and strengthen their commitment towards a meaningful change, Kering Eyewear stands by the Group’s established sustainability-related requirements known as Kering Standards – a relevant tool to help redesign each and every aspect of the business from selection and sourcing of raw materials to manufacturing processes, packaging and visuals, logistics, product’s end-of-life, innovation and chemical management.


We strongly believe in our future, in our people and in our ideas and intuitions to lay the foundation of uniqueness and quality that we promise to our customers across the globe”, commented Roberto Vedovotto, President and CEO of Kering Eyewear. “At Kering Eyewear, our mission towards environmental and social responsibility is an imperative and an exciting opportunity to produce advanced innovations and meaningful transformations. Through our continued actions, even if the targets ahead represent a monumental task, we are ready to face the challenge pursuing the goal of a better tomorrow”.